Why Shape Sorters Are Great For Your Toddler

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Shape sorters have been around for decades. They’re the toy our grandparents played with when they were babies. Despite their simplicity, many parents find them appealing… even though they can’t always explain why!


Educational, battery-free fun

One of the reasons shape sorter toys are so popular is that they offer an opportunity for children to enjoy battery-free fun. Besides being less noisy, battery-free toys often inspire more creativity and imagination. Shape sorters also offer a number of different learning opportunities. First, they help develop fine motor skills as children enhance their hand-eye coordination by picking up the shapes and placing them into the correct slots. Shape sorters can also be used to help children learn the names of different shapes and colors. With the help of teachers or parents, children can first learn to identify different pieces by their color or shape (for example, when a parent asks the child to place a blue piece into the sorter). Later, they’ll learn how to say the shapes and colors themselves.


Shape sorters for different ages

There is a huge variety of shape sorters available today. These toys may be made from plastic or wood. Different types of shape sorters are available for different developmental stages. For example, a beginner-level shape sorter might include basic shapes (square, triangle, circle and star) for younger toddlers, while a more advanced sorter might feature shapes like an octagon or crescent for older children.


Shape sorters we love

Kiddie Collection carries two shape sorters that are great for younger and older toddlers!

The PlayGo Shape and Lock Barn takes a fun twist on the standard shape sorting toy with its three barn doors that open with the included keys. It also includes three animal shapes that are perfect for little hands!

PlayGo Shape and Lock Barn


Another favorite is the 15-piece PlayGo Shape Sorting Activity Center. This easy-to-take-along toy doubles as a shape sorter and bucket for fun at home or out and about!

PlayGo Shape Sorting Activity Center


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