Jokes for Moms & Dads Who Lack Patience

Mar 28, 2017 by

Have your kids adopted a new hobby of testing new and creative ways to try your patience? Have they interrupted your conversation with your spouse just to say “Hi!”? Are you still listening to the 132nd rendition of the same story while you read this blog post?

If you can relate, here are jokes we’ve hand-picked for you. We hope these funnies will put a smile on your face and help you regain the patience you need to get you through the day (or night)!

1. When bedtime goes wrong, but the following morning is right on track…

Parenting Patience Funnies

2. Why you slowly stop having non-parent friends…

Parenting Patience Funnies
3. A lesson in┬ájust how patient you really are…

Parenting Patience Funnies


4. Embracing reality…

Parenting Patience Funnies
5. When you pull a Neo and realize you know Kung Fu…

Parenting Patience Funnies
6. Learning life lessons the hard way…

Parenting Patience Funnies

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