ABC Magnet Games for kids

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You’ve had some colorful ABC magnets on your refrigerator at home for some time, and now your child’s spelling skills have advanced to the intermediate level. How exciting!

ABC Magnet Games

Part of what makes alphabet magnets such a wonderful toy is that they grow with your child. There are educational games you can play with your intermediate speller using your magnetic letter set that are not only fun, but they also inspire more learning!

Here are three of our favorite ABC magnet games for intermediate spellers.

1. Unscramble that word!

Play this game one word at a time by thinking of an intermediate-level word and choosing all of the letters in that word. Some words you might use are: almost, bottom, coast, every, and foot. If you need ideas for intermediate-level words, check out the intermediate word list from Learn That Word. Tell your child the word as you place the letters on your magnetic surface – but don’t place them in order! Once all the letters of the word are on the surface, it’s up to your child to unscramble them and put them in the right order to spell the word.

Want to make this game more challenging? Ask your child to spell the words without you picking out all the letters in the word for them (see #2 below).

2. Find my word!

Using the intermediate word list from Learn That Word as a guide, ask your child to spell certain words from the list all on their own. This is a great way to work on spelling of words they might be having trouble with. If your magnetic surface doubles as a whiteboard, you might add to the learning by asking your child to write in cursive the word they’ve successfully spelled using their ABC magnets.

3. Complete the word!

This is a creative game that will really get your young speller thinking! Place some letters that go together in a word (or better yet, in a number of words) on your magnetic surface, and ask your child to use them to create as many words as they can think of. For example, you might place “on” on your magnetic surface, and your child can create words like: abandon, belong, addition, conclude, and stone. With “iff” your child might think of words like: different, whiff, cliff, sniffle, and sheriff.

What other fun games does your child enjoy with his or her ABC magnets? Let us know in the comments below!

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