5 Spring Crafts for Kids

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Spring — the season of new life and renewal — is in full swing! Trees and plants are blooming in beautiful, vibrant colors. Birds are singing with a sense of rejuvenation now that cold winter days and nights are behind us all.

In celebration of this lovely season, here are 5 springtime crafts for kids that will bring new, colorful handmade creations into your home.

1. Soda bottle planters

How adorable is this soda bottle planter?

Soda Bottle Planter courtesy of coffeecupsandcrayons.com

These planters are super easy and fun to make. All you’ll need is an empty soda bottle, scissors, two bottle caps for the eyes (or googly eyes), glue and any other supplies (think: glitter, pipe cleaners, colored paper) you’d like to use to decorate your planter. If you really want to go all out, you could even decorate your planter person’s “hair”!


2. Paper plate flowers

Paper Plate Flowers courtesy of The Resourceful Mama

As Kim writes on her blog The Resourceful Mama, this cute craft helps kids develop their fine motor skills as they practice cutting with scissors. Before cutting flowers out of their paper plates, kids can enjoy decorating them with whatever art supplies you have handy–crayons, markers, paint, etc. They might even draw faces on their flowers and create a flower family. Head over to¬†The Resourceful Mama blog for detailed instructions on how to make these delightful flowers with your kids!


3. Poured paint planting pots

If you love the idea of decorating your own planters but you don’t feel like cutting empty soda bottles, these poured paint planters may be the craft for you! They’re easier to make than soda bottle planters, but a bit more messy!

Poured Paint Planters courtesy of MoonFrye.com.

All you’ll need in order to make these unique, colorful planters are planting pots (consider using a few different sized pots), acrylic paints in a variety of colors, a paintbrush and some masking tape to cover the drain hole at the bottom of the pot. Get the detailed instructions here. Enjoy!


4. Monster rocks (or other decorated rocks!)

We love how these silly monster rocks look, and think they make a great decoration for any shelf! They can also be painted in color groups to be used for tic-tac-toe or other games!

Monster rocks courtesy of EasyPeasyAndFun.com

Besides looking super cute and inspiring imagination, rock crafts often allow you to skip the trip to the art supplies store. If you have crayons, acrylic paint markers or acrylic paint at home and some rocks outside, you’re all set to get started! You can find instructions for monster rocks here.

While monster rocks are super cute, decorated rocks can even look beautiful. The rock pictured below was made using regular crayons and glitter crayons that were melted using a hairdryer! Check out the details here.

Decorated rock courtesy of Natural Mommie


5. Button snails

Button Snail courtesy of I Heart Arts n Crafts

As soon as your child has glued all the buttons to their button snail, they’ll fall in love with the little handmade creature smiling up at them! To make a button snail, you’ll need some colored cardstock paper, glue, a CD you don’t need anymore, a black marker, a bunch of colorful buttons of different sizes, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. See the step-by-step instructions here.

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