Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids

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Have any pipe cleaners lying around? Did you know there are a *bunch* of crafts you and your kids can enjoy with these fuzzy, colorful little wires?

5 Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Here are our five favorite pipe cleaner crafts!

Pipe cleaner rainbow

1. Pipe cleaner rainbows
Pipe cleaner rainbows are among our favorite crafty ways to add color to the home or office. They’re also a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and color matching skills in little ones. All this fun, easy craft requires are pipe cleaners, beads and a base for your rainbow. Get more instructions for how to make a pipe cleaner rainbow here.


Pipe cleaner glasses

2. Pipe cleaner glasses
How adorable are these pipe cleaner glasses? What’s great about this cute craft is that you can totally let your imagination run wild. For example, you can add some legs to either side of these glasses to make spider glasses! If your child loves Harry Potter, you can make Harry Potter glasses! The options are endless, but if you need some inspiration, check this out.


Pipe cleaner wands

3. Pipe cleaner wands
Is there a better way to inspire a child’s imagination than to equip them with a magic wand?¬†Doubtful. These wands are great because they can be customized in so many different ways — with beads, colored construction paper and more. You can make them using only pipe cleaners, but you can also make them by wrapping pipe cleaners around a straw, pencil, tree branch and more! Check out this great tutorial for pipe cleaner wands.


Pipe cleaner finger puppets

4. Pipe cleaner finger puppets
This craft is especially great if you’ve got spare craft supplies like googly eyes or pom poms. These finger puppets are a fun way to let your imagination run wild as you create tiny little creatures that will come to life on your hand. They’re especially great for children who have new baby siblings they can entertain with a puppet show! Get instructions for making pipe cleaner finger puppets here.


Coffee filter parachute guy

5. Coffee filter parachute guy
Our last pick is a pipe cleaner craft that’s especially suited toward older children. How neat is this coffee filter parachute guy? Best of all, this little toy works better than the ready-made ones you’ll find at the store! See the tutorial here.


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