5 Easter Crafts for Kids

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One of our favorite ways to welcome holidays is with creative crafts the whole family can enjoy. With Easter coming up next weekend, now’s the perfect time to bring out your art supplies and gather the family for some good, simple fun through¬†crafting.

Here are 5 Easter crafts for you to enjoy.

1. Peeps Gingerbread Houses

Whoever said gingerbread houses were just for Christmas obviously never laid eyes on adorable gingerbread houses for peeps! We love any reason to make a gingerbread house (and the kids love it, too!) and this one is perfect.

Gingerbread Houses for Peeps


If you’re not a fan of marshmallow Peeps, you can also house¬†some colorful Easter eggs in these gingerbread houses. For this craft, you’ll need graham crackers, frosting, parchment paper and Easter decor. Get the full instructions here.

2. Easter Bunny Shirts

DIY shirts are among the coolest things ever. Beyond being a fantastic way to show off your crafty skills, it’s a sure way to sport unique, one-of-a-kind clothing you won’t see anywhere else. These Easter bunny shirts will have all your friends asking how you did it.

Easter Bunny Shirt

To make an Easter bunny shirt, you’ll need a plain white tee, a bunny pattern you can make yourself, two colors of fabric paint, a pencil with an unused eraser, and freezer paper. Get the full instructions here.

3. Paper Plate Bunnies

How adorable is this paper plate bunny?

Paper plate bunny

Paper plate bunnies are not only adorable, they’re easy and fun for even the the littlest hands to make. To create them, you’ll need paper plates, white and pink construction paper (or construction paper of whatever colors you’d like the ears to be), cotton balls, black and pink pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, googly eyes, and a pink pompom for the nose. Get the full instructions here.

4. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

This is a great alternative to good ol’ dye-dipped Easter eggs your kids have probably already done before. And they look super cool! Better yet, all you need to make these eggs are a colorful assortment of crayons and, well… eggs!

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Get the full instructions here.

5. Easter Garland

Handmade garlands are a beautiful way to decorate your home, office or classroom for an upcoming holiday. You can customize these colorful garlands with whatever supplies you have handy.

Easter Garland
Check out this Easter garland and others you can make for springtime here.

Happy Easter!

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