5 Coolest LEGO Creations (That Are Totally Doable)

May 18, 2017 by

In light of our LEGO giveaway happening this week (more on that below), we’ve decided it’s time to move past LEGO houses and towers to more awesome creations that will have our kids thinking we’re cooler than we might actually be.

Here are 5 of the coolest LEGO creations you can definitely pull off.


LEGO Key Hanger

1. LEGO Key Hanger
Get cool and funky with your home decor with a handmade LEGO key hanger! There are endless ways to customize your key hanger. You can also use hooks to hang everyday keychains, or go the extra step and create LEGO keychains that you’ll ‘stick’ directly onto the holder.


LEGO Love Necklace

2. LEGO Love Necklace
This necklace is so unique and sweet, you might just want to pocket the idea for Valentine’s Day and gift it to your sweetheart then. Head on over to Instructables to get the guide for making this wonderfully nerdy gift.


LEGO iPad Stand

3. LEGO iPad Stand
It’s absolutely hands down the worst thing ever when you’re baking or cooking off a recipe on your iPad while the device is lying flat on its back. Introducing: the DIY LEGO iPad stand, customizable to your favorite colors and your iPad size! Check out this Flickr collection to see how it’s done.


LEGO Rubik’s Cube

4. LEGO Rubik’s Cube
True, you could get sneaky and just glue flat LEGO pieces onto a Rubik’s cube to make it look like a LEGO cube (as shown in this video). And that’s not a bad idea if you’ve got an old, sad looking Rubik’s cube lying around and you want to make it look super cool. But if you’re really feeling inspired, you can try to create your own LEGO Rubik’s cube from scratch! Find out how here.


LEGO Earrings

5. LEGO Earrings
Feeling hipster? These LEGO earrings will have compliments coming your way (or your wife’s, girlfriend’s, or mother’s way) from every direction. True, we might be stretching it a bit here since these earrings don’t quite require much “building” per se. But they’re so creative and cool, they definitely earn a place on this list. Even the most basic LEGO earrings look fantastic. Get the full how-to on how to make a pair here.


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